Wills for married couples (or civil partners), possibly with few savings, but owning their own home.

Having to pay for care fees later in life is a constant worry for many people.

As the number of people needing care rises, so the burden will increase.

The state will only pay your fees if you have modest, or no, capital.

Accordingly, even if you have only minimal savings, if you own your own home then it is likely you would have to pay the fees should you need long-term residential care.

Wills for Married Couples

However, for married couples (and civil partners) who plan in advance, these fees can be avoided in part or even completely through correctly drafted Wills.

We can prepare Wills incorporating a Property Protection Trust.

This means that when the first partner dies their share of the property is placed in a trust, administered by the Trustees who are named in the Will, one of whom may be the surviving spouse or civil partner.

This survivor can then continue to live in the property, and there is no question of their having to share the home with anyone else. However, they do not actually own the share of the first to die.

If the surviving spouse or civil partner should need to go into care, at that point the benefit of having the trust in the Will comes into play.